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History of the uprising in TII West Java and its causes


One type of rebellionthat givesmany people memories of his time isIN TII from West Java. This is because the incident wasenoughto bring a lot ofcasualties. In fact, the eventalso happenedin a fairly long period oftime. So many people still remember it today.


Evenafter the Republic of Indonesia became independent, people fought even harder. National heroes are faced with many events that are already much more than during the Indonesian struggle. Even at that time, the resistance that occurred came from theIndonesian people themselves. The incident occurredbecause the ideology was not in accordance with the government.


Many groups of people are dissatisfiedwith what the Indonesian government is implementing. Then there werequite a lot ofrebels by the people themselves, for example,DI TII movement.  There the center itself is locatedinthe regional part ofIndonesia, likeWestJavaitself.


There are still many placesin Indonesia such as Kalimantan, Aceh or Sulawesi. Butin the end, the effortsthat took place were also successfully thwarted by the government. The attempt at observation was successful becausethe resistancewas givenquite sharplybyvarious parties. Pergerakan It isstill known to the public.


Background in TII West Java


The Darol Islam operation of the IndonesianIslamic Army itself is a movement in the political sphere withthe beginning of its development in the Tasikmalaya region. This resistancewas originally exposedfrom the Islamic StateofNadonisiaI. Exactly on August 7,1949. This happened a few years afterthe declaration.


The uprising in the TII west Java, led bySkarmadji, Meridjan Kartuswarjo, was intended to createIndonesiaand becomean Islamic state, wherethe goalwasto declareNyiitself.   This eventitself occurred because Cartusoviejo felt disappointedwith the content of the Renville Agreement.


It is believed that the content of the charter itself offends the dignity of the hero of independence. The content  of the agreement itself was the Indonesian statethat was forced by the Dutch to cede thearea of WestJava. Indeed, asthis opposition occurred, Cartoswarjowas already a politician. So it is not surprising that there is a lot of political experience.


Even inIndonesia’s Sarcat Islamic Party, Beleo is very zealous of the religion of Islam. He also had thought about Hijra politics in which his leadership should beused. The backgroundin TII West JavauniteseveryIndonesian branch and gar canfightagainst a government that does not agree.


It is not only exciting because of one common denominator of religious ideology. The leaders and members of themovementwere also guided by its leader from western Java. This oppositionwas actually due to the fact that Cartusoirjo was dissatisfied with the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, which stillovershadowed the Dutchwho wanted to continue to ruleIndonesia.


Purpose of creating a movement in TII


The occurrence ofp. emberontakanIN TII of West Java was led by the community leaderSkarmadjiMeridjan Cartwirajo himselfbecauseit was to achievethe goalaccording to his will. As an action, indeed, TII itself is trying to create a state where the basis isShariain Islam. In addition, the countrywas liberatedbya Dutch colonization.


For more details, the objective of the resistance itself isto createan Indonesian Islamic state recognized by thestate. In fact, they also want to be recognized byinternational law. In addition, this resistancewas also established becauseit wanted to turnIndonesia into a country withan Islamic base.


The leader of this actionis to transform Islamic law so that it becomes the law of the Indonesian state, of course, guided by two things, namely the hadith and the Quran. Not only that, they establishedan Islamic state because they wanted to change the laws of the government sothat they wereidenticalto Islam.


The purpose of the formation of theuprisingin the TII of West Javawas because the characters rejected the ideology and laws of the hadith and the Quran.  Also in addition to the existence of these two things, they claim that if they follow in the footsteps of the other, they are considered unbelievers.  Butit is very unfortunate,because themaingoalof this movementwas established to fight the Dutch.


But it turned out to be radical.  As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has thehighest diversity of beliefs.  There it has the 6 largest religions and has also been recognized by thestate.  Therefore, it is not wiseto makeIslam more special than other religions.


Founder of the uprising in TII West Java


The emergence of the DI operationitself was initially due to the fact that twopeople were suspected of having an important rolein the formation of the action. Aboutthe first personis the vomit of Yusuf Tauziri. He is saidto be the founder in the early stagesof creating a peaceful Islamic movement.


But in the end, healso withdrew his support for KartosorVirjo for fighting the Indonesianstate. However,many peopleknow that the main character forDIhimselfisKartosoewirjo. The imageof a characterwho was bornand raised in the Java region itself almost spent his time in a career in WestJava.


In fact, he himselfis also not a native of West Java, but originally a central Java, which was born in Chepo. The location of the area itself is between Bujeongoro and Blora. Born on February 7, 1905, the character receivedan education in Dutch in elementary schooland in his first manga.


In fact, according to his story, he also did not have much insight into the religion of Islam and the Arabic language.  There was even a course to be able to enter the Dutch school of the East Indies tabibab which is located in Surabaya. It was in that areathat he met H. Umar Saidsubsequentlybecame chairman of the PSII.


TheDI TII West Java movement itself was initially abad reaction given by Kartosoewirjo and his groupto the rejection of the Renville Agreement. The agreementwas made with the consent of Indonesia and the Netherlands.  This is what makes up Darul Islamand his comradesin the army isthe TII himself.


Suppression of the Uprising in West Java TII                               


Asquite a few people know, the event at TII West Java is the biggest event in the countryand isremembered by almost everyone.  Also in some places it supports movement.    With the aim of establishing a statein accordance withthe Islamic religion.


Even the government of the Republic of Indonesia at that time also declared its independence and again fought against the Dutch.  The government once again met with opposition from its own people. Of course, this causes the government to strive for many things so that it can eradicate the movement. The goal is that neg a ra integration can also be maintained.


In West Java, this repressive effort started from a peaceful path. It was there that Mo Nasir established the committee.  But the method carried out did not work.  After that, he is again persecuted by using another method, namely through military operations. In the end, Kartosoewirjowas arrested in 1962 in the area of Mount Salak.


The operation also dealt with the community, so that the movement of the TII members was restricted. As for the punishmentgiven, he died. Indeed, the actionat TII West Javais quite a few casualtiesand becomesamajor post-independence event that youmust know.

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