Benefits of BGB Call Center Services : Polibatam

Verify immediately with the call centre when the account has a problem

Bink Jabbar Banton , or known as BGB , has a verification services program with the B-Call Centre . This program is a form of action from the Call Centre services that are ready to help all problems with this bank account .

The BGB is a regional bank with branches open in many places around West Java and Benton , so it is not surprising that the number of customers is more than different circles . To meet all the needs of its customers , the BGB improved in different aspects .

One of them is in the field of service . They continue to improve services so that consumers feel safe in the bank . The bank ‘s best service is a 24-hour call centre on the 14,049 hotline . This call center can not only be used by customers , but also by non-customers .

Because they will provide full information about the various services that they feel to see for non-customers . With a 24-hour service time , it will certainly make it easier for you to get services at any time . Especially  in urgent situations .

This is not a free call center service  , so you should provide enough credit to avoid contact with the Tanga H road  . The level of credibility needed  depends on the operator you use , because each operator has different prices .

The following  are the types of bank services that you can confirm with the call centre , so you no longer need a long line to come to the bank and get the following services . Especially if nature is very urgent .

Bank B Product and Services Information

Information centering for customers and non-customers is the main and general activity of the call centre . Therefore , this cannot be separated from the bank ‘s call centre . The information you  can  ask at this call centre is :

  1. General information about products and services

This information is included in the BiBank on all products and services . Customer service will describe each product and service asked in detail . Usually , future customers will request as much detail as possible for this information unless they are sure to open the BGB account .

With telephone communication services , this certainly helps future customers who want to dig up information about this local bank . Because the information they receive will be taken into account before opening the savings account .

  1. Account opening information

Many future customers here are still concerned about the process of building a Bibank account , but they  are also reluctant to ask directly when they go to the bank  . So they would prefer to ask questions first through the BGB call centre .

  1. Location information of the Office of the Eighth and Bank Bi

When you are  in a foreign location and cannot find ATM , immediately verify with the BGB call center to get accurate information about the location of ATM and bank offices  . Especially when you  are in an area that does not have a good internet connection to open a map application .

  1. End Bank Service Lokas i Information

Although banks usually do not operate at the end of the week , there are several branches of the bank that continue to operate at the end of the week . Because this number is not high , it causes many people to be unaware of the existence of banking services at the end of the week .

Therefore , for  those of you who are in an emergency and really need this service , contacting the BGB is the best solution. The reason is that customer service will provide a bank place to provide accurate bank services at the end of the week.

  1. Account balance and change information

For bank customers , it seems that there is no need to worry anymore when they want to examine balance and account changes . Because , they don’t need to go to ATM or see MBanking again . Simply call 14,049, then provide CS information.

Closing ATM cards that require verification with the Bank B call center

This is a very useful service in an emergency . This is because closing the ATM card should take place as quickly as possible when the card is lost to keep the balance in the bank account safe and not misused .

Atm card loss often occurs , caused by several factors . Such factors are theft , cards are lit with ATM machines , and other factors . It will be very dangerous if your ATM card is not shut down immediately . So you must verify immediately with the call center .

With this service , you  don’t need to waste time seeing the bank and wait on the line for a long time . This condition will actually provide an opportunity for the user to freely misuse the money in your account . So the closure should be done as soon as possible .

 Customer complaints about BiBank

As a customer , you have the right to  submit all complaints with performance , bank account problems , services , facilities , and bank infrastructure that are not appropriate .  If you find things  that are not in accordance with the provisions  ,  then confirm them with  the call centre .

You can  freely submit complaints to customer services about all complaints you feel about the bank ‘s savings . Later , the complaint will be pursued by the relevant party . In addition , they will also provide solutions to all the problems that I am your bank .

This complaint service is a form of bank concern for its customers . Because customer complaints can be used as a step stone to continue to develop and develop things that are in the absence .

Reset Password bjb Net and bjb SMS

The last service of the BGB Call Center is to reorganize the BGBNet and BGBSS password  . The activity of this service is very important  to you for BGBNet and BGBSMS users . Especially when you  completely forget the passwords of two types of banking services .

Of course , you will  not be able to open this and you will not be able to transfer using both types of services .  To  reorganize  both passwords , you usually have to do it in the ATM machine . This is certainly very painful for most customers .

Therefore , The Bank provides services to reorganize bibi net and bgbss passwords through the b-call center . This goal   is to make it easier for you to  pay attention to all changes in the D Passer , you should only confirm it with the Bibi call center and follow another simple process   .

For customers who are now abroad experiencing problems with their accounts , you can then 622180631232 +++ with the BGB call centre . This is because , the  usual hotline cannot be contacted when  outside the  RIG .

Benefits of BGB Call Center Services

In addition to the kind of service that benefits customers unnecessarily  , approval with the call centre also provides benefits  . Some of the benefits of this service include :

  1. Everyone has easy access , whether using a mobile phone or phone .
  2. This service can enjoy a lot of time and energy because you don’t need a branch office .
  3. Providing quick response and service is very appropriate in critical situations .

Customers ‘ comfort and satisfaction are a top priority by Bank Bay , so it is not surprising that all of its service products and services are very easy for customers . One of them isthe HB call   , because when certified with the call centre , your banking problems can be solved without any pain  .

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